PHP and MySQL: The Definitive Guide

This in-depth guide to everything PHP and MySQL will take you from beginner to advanced in no time at all. Including a comprehensive SQL guide, as well as introductory and advanced looks at PDO, MySQLi, and MySQLnd.

This book intends to provide a comprehensive guide to PHP and MySQL. It does not cover ORMs (such as Doctrine), frameworks, or other tools. A rough (subject to change) Table of Contents looks like:

  • What is a Database?
    • Relational vs NoSQL vs Non-relational
  • Introduction to SQL (for MySQL)
    • Data Types
    • Queries
    • Conditions
  • Essential SQL
    • Constraints
    • Features
  • Advanced SQL
    • Indexes
    • JOINs
    • Stored Procedures
    • Triggers
  • Introduction to PDO/MySQL
  • Advanced PDO/MySQL
  • Introduction to MySQLi
  • Advanced MySQLi
  • MySQL Native Driver
    • Introduction to MySQLnd
    • Read/Write Splitting with mysqlnd_ms
    • Advanced Read/Write Splitting with mysqlnd_ms
    • Using MySQL’s NoSQL memcache interface with mysqlnd_memcache
    • Query Caching with mysqlnd_qc
    • Writing Custom MySQLnd Plugins with mysqlnd_uh

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