Learning Rails (and Ruby)

This post is over 6 years old and is probably out of date.

A few days ago I had a new blog post published on the Engine Yard Blog. The post was actually written, before my last blog post here, and is really more on the same subject; get out there and cross-pollinate. Learn, and share with other tech communities.

You can read the post here: Learning Rails (and Ruby) on the Engine Yard Blog.

I’ve had a lot of positive feedback (on reddit), and surprisingly the only negative feedback I got was via the PHP sub-reddit. I think some people choose to defend their choices simply because they don’t want to have made the wrong ones. But really, there’s no right and wrong answer, and it mostly comes down to preference and little else.

That’s enough meta-commentary from me, read it already!

Distill: An opportunity to get out of your comfort zone

This post is over 6 years old and is probably out of date.

As part of my work at Engine Yard I have been involved in helping shape and organize a new conference, Distill, which will be held on Treasure Island in San Francisco, CA on August 8-9th 2013.

The conference will bring together a bunch of folks from different technological backgrounds to share information, and cross-pollinate ideas. Just like Ruby on Rails kickstarted the PHP frameworks explosion, we (the PHP community) have an opportunity to give back not only to the Ruby/Rails community but to Javascript, Python, Java, and database communities, and who knows what else will make a showing.

Hopefully, we can all “get off the island” and allow us to create something awesome.

The Call For Proposals is currently open, and closes on April 9th, and I highly encourage everyone to submit.