This post is over 10 years old and is probably out of date.

OK, so… exercising is hard.

For the first few rides on my new bike, I took it outside, eschewing my trainer for some asphalt… and also because the tires that came with the bike were simply too deeply treaded to use on the trainer.

I did about a mile each time, several revolutions round the few blocks around my house. The heat definitely takes it’s toll very quickly.

Now i’ve picked up some semi-slick tires, which have an (almost) smooth middle-section and tred on the outer edges so it can still be used outside. (Similar to this).

I’m now cycling 2 miles each time (though admittedly, I should be doing it at least every other night, right now it’s every 4 days or so). I think I’ve finally got the trainer setup nicely, to where there is almost no friction on the lowest setting, and it’s right at the top of my strength on the highest (5th) setting. I typically leave it at the 5th, because I find that it’s not the strength required that makes it tiresome, it’s the number of revolutions.

I’m also looking at the One Hundred Pushups Challenge, though my upper body strength is already good, and is mostly what I work out in the pool. I don’t see pushups contributing much to weight loss (compared to say, swimming or cycling), it would just be cool to complete the challenge.

– Davey

I hate changing tires/innertubes with a passion

Happy Birthday To Me!

This post is over 10 years old and is probably out of date.

Well, on May 31st, I’m turning 24; going from early-twenties to mid-twenties. So. old. :-(

To combat the aging, I’ve bought myself an awesome birthday gift, well, several:

I also bought myself the first (?) four books in the Ender’s Game series.

Why did I buy this particular set of equipment? First, I had a 1999-2000 Boulder Giant back in the UK, and I absolutely loved it for my school commute (~2miles/day) and for messing around on (ever seen a mountain bike on a half-pipe? yeah… did that).

Secondly, I was looking at exercise bikes, because I honestly didn’t think I’d be inclined to cycle out in the FL heat (~105F in the summer) but was unhappy that with an exercise bike I wouldn’t be able to go out with it at all. My co-worker mentioned I could get a trainer, and it seems to be the best of both worlds, though I’m spending ~$600 instead of $350-400 with the separate cyclocomputer/HRM etc, I think being able to just unhook it and go out when I want to is worth it.

Also, many thanks to the folks on IRC, particularly Emma from #phpwomen for the advice over the last week :-)

My goal (which I am stating publically in the hopes that it will motivate me to stick to it) is to be riding 10 miles/day by the end of the summer, and to lose at least 60lbs, preferably 80lbs (though not necessarily by the end of the summer :-). In contrast, my personal best, is 330 miles over 5 weeks, when I was still in high-school, which averages to ~9.5miles/day.

– Davey

(pssst; my wishlist is publicly available. nudge nudge.)