Zend Studio 5 Beta Mini-Review

A little late, I know others have blogged it already. But here is my mini-review on ZDE5

As you may or may not know, I hae been using the Zend Studio Xenon builds since they first announced the Early Access Program for this version which means that I have been keeping track of the changes for some time now.

First off, I would like to point out two dissappointments. The first one is that it still doesn’t include, nor does it work with PHP 5.1. The second is that it still doesn’t install the Firefox Zend Toolbar for you (i.e. it doesn’t give you the option to install it).

I understand that perhaps they are unable to install the toolbar using the Java installer, but perhaps they can at least download the toolbar and give a short set of instructions for the user to install it with. Or perhaps even just point the browser to the correct URL.

Now, on to the good stuff.

1) Code Folding
Code folding for those unaware is the ability to click a button or press a key combination to hide a portion of the text in a file. Usually, the important parts of the folded section are still visible. For example:

  2.  function foo ($bar, $baz = bat)
  3.  {
  4.      //some code here
  5.  }
  6.  ?>

Will fold down to:

  2.  function foo ($bar, $baz = bat) {}
  3.  ?>

This works really well, and ZDE has the ability to fold entire classes, single docblocks, multi-line comments, blocks of HTML etc.

The one place I feel it fails, is that whilst a classes folding encompasses everything in it, so all child folds are also hidden, this doesn’t work for say, mixed HTML/PHP, if you have something like this:

  1.  <html>
  2.      <head>
  3.            <title>
  4.                php
  5.                      // some really long stupid code to get a title here

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