php|works/web|works Day Three

Today was a great day here at the conference. Unfortunately, it is also the last day :-(

Unknown to me, Wez had switched his PDO talk with Lukas’ Bring Your Own PEAR talk, so choosing to sleep in meant that unfortunately I missed one of the sessions I really wanted to go to.

However, that situation was soon rectified with Marcus’ great Happy SPLing talk, by far my favourite talk of the conference. I learned so much and got some great ideas. Unfortunately Marcus didn’t have enough time to cover everything he had, but he took a brief opinion poll and covered the parts that were most wanted.

Then we had one more session which I decided to sit out and talk shop with some great people (Dan Udey, Amy Hoy, David Coallier, Marcus, Ilia) and just generally had some fun.

After a short break (for those attending the talks) we went to the final keynote with Marco, which was great fun, short, to the point and very well done :-)

He also announced that the next conference from php|architect will be in Miami sometime in the spring, most likely April. So look for me there – its just a 6hr drive :-)

Finally he mentioned the Zend Conference in California, and that looks great for the more business end of things with the technical aspects playing a much smaller role. This looks good, though I don’t think I can make it. :/

So, I would like to thank all the great people behind the scenes here and all the speakers for putting on such a good show. I hope everybody had as much fun as I did, it was great to have some many brains in one place, face to face.

– Davey