php|works/web|works Day One

I’m sitting here in Wez Furlongs PHP Streams talk. Its been a great day so far.

I went first to Amy Hoys User Interface talk. It went really well, I’m very proud of her. With just a little input from the crowd (and there was crowd, at least 30-40 people) she was well able to fill her time slot of 90 minutes and gave some really good answers (especially to my own questions :-)

Next up was Dan Udeys Sematics and the Web talk, Dan started early and ended up rather early, but then the session turned into an informal discussion between ourselves and Dan which was great fun!

Wez’s talk is the first PHP talk I’ve been in, and unfortunately he completely Rasmussed (sp?) the multi-lingual Flash talk. I am quite surprised, it was a subject I was interested in and would have attended if not for the clash. Also with PHP 6 containing Unicode, I would have thought this would be interesting to at least a few people.

So far, Wez has been the best speaker I’ve seen, just because he’s talking in a British accent ;-)

– Davey