Pro PHP Interview

I just got done recording an interview with Marcus Whitney for the Pro PHP Podcast.

It was extremely cool. The show is just getting better and better. We discussed the show (off the record) and conferences and such.

The interview is all about me, though I’m still abashed that he (and apparently others) rank my skills as high as they do, its a very cool thing.

We talked about Cerebral Cortex, PHP 5, PEAR, and all sorts of things. We did it in three takes, the first ending during the first question because of an interuption and the second because he lost power.

It was extremely cool, I greatly enjoyed the experience. He promises to have me back for a round-table discussion and I brought up an idea for the topic… its going to be interesting!

Look out soon for his interview with Paul M. Jones and another Ask Chris episode. This really is the coolest addition to the community so far!

– Davey