Crtx_DB 0.5.0 Released

I guess I’m getting into the swing of things. I would like to announce the immediate availability of Crtx_DB 0.5.0.

I personally feel that this is Beta quality, but I would like to get a few more people looking at it before I go to that state. Again, all tests pass, despite some larger internal changes. I also added 3-4 more tests this time.


  • Added 1:1 relationship support to Crtx_DB_DataObject
  • Added setPrimaryKey(), setTablePrefix() and setTableSuffix()
  • Added getPrimaryKey(), getTableName() and getConnection()
  • Fixed Crtx_DB_DataObject_Record::update()
  • Fixed Crtx_DB_DataObject_Record::add()
  • Fixed Crtx_DB_DataObject_Record::delete()
  • Added the ability to re-use PDO objects in Crtx_DB
  • Should now be PHP5.0.x + pecl/PDO compatible

More information on 1:1 relationships can be found in this blog post

– Davey