Cerebral Cortex 0.4.0-dev Released!

Wow. I can’t believe I’ve done it.

I know some of you must have thought Cerebral Cortex was going to be vaporware, but I guess you were wrong.

After more than a year of development (though I spent long period during that time not working on it), I would like to announce the immediate availability of Cerebral Cortex 0.4.0-dev.

This is meant to be a development release. Whilst all tests pass on my local box (Ubuntu Linux) they may or may not on yours.

Alongside this release, I would also like to reveal several supporting websites.

  1. Web SVN View – Using Hordes Chora
  2. Cerebral Cortex Bugs – based on php-bugs-web, highly modified now :-)
  3. Documentation Wiki – Brand spanking new design!

You can find the releases at the Cerebral Cortex PEAR Channel site.

I will update the PEAR channel site with the new design once Chiara_PEAR_Server is fixed and I can release the latest version of Crtx_PEAR_Channel_Server.

Also, you can find me, and hopefully soon, others, in #[email protected]

– Davey