Whats under your hood?

Well, I just woke up and its too early for me to think up my own post title, so I stole the running theme.

As started by Sean and continued by Norbert, I’d like to detail my development environment(s).

Up till Last Month I was using WinXP? solely as my main development machine. I was also dabbling with an aging mac.

Now I have switched to Ubuntu Linux, but due to time constraints at work, I still use WinXP? there. So, I have 3 setup development environments, but they are all very similar. Furthermore, I have 1 Debian and 1

Cross-Platform Software:

  • Apache 1.3.x (Though my Debian box uses Apache2 in addition for SVN)
  • PHP 5.0.x – for development, I generally use snapshots and will be going to 5.1RC2 shortly, on my servers I run the latest stable.
  • Zend Studio 4 – simply the best.

Then things start to diverge, I use EditPlus?, TextWrangler? and vim/Bluefish for general purpose text editors on WinXP?/OSX/Linux respectively. I use FlashFXP? and WinSCP? on Win32, I never got FTP setup on OSX and I use gFTP on Linux (it came pre-installed, I want something better :-). I use PuTTY? for SSH on windows, and a standard Terminal/Gnome Terminal on OSX/Linux for SSH and Port Forwarding. I use Tortoise(CVS|SVN) on WinXP? and command line on Linux/OSX – eSVN and RapidSVN? just are not good enough for me.

The other important thing as mentioned by Norbert is music, I use iTunes on WinXP?/OSX and Rythmbox on Linux.

Further to these, I use Firefox (ZDE toolbar, web developer toolbar, other non-dev stuff)/Thunderbird/OOo2 across the board, mIRC/Colloquy/X-Chat for IRC on WinXP?/OSX/Linux and GAIM on WInXP?/Linux and the GAIM based Adium on OSX.

So, whats under your hood?

– Davey