Call For Papers: php|works and web|works

It is with great joy, that I am now able to announce this, Marco Tabini & Associates will be holding 2 more conferences this year.

php|works and its sister web|works will be running concurrently during September 14-16, 2005. Currently, we are open to submissions from the community for sessions at both these conferences.

If you missed out on php|tropics this year, this is your chance to meet up with your peers and attend your choice of 30 sessions by leaders in the field… though you chance of getting a sun tan are nigh-on-nonexistant.

I am very excited about web|works, I managed to convince Marco that we needed to expand to this area of technology as it comes hand in hand with PHP, and also because as Marco hints at here, MTA is planning a new magazine (to be released at an as yet undetermined date with an unfinalized name) in this area.

I hope that we will see some new input at the works conferences get to meet new people who would otherwise not attend.

submit a paper, click here or to signup, click here.

– Davey