Seaworld and SVN

As you may or may not know, it was my 21st birthday on May 31st (Wishlist ;-) and my wife took me to Seaworld.

I took some excellent pictures with my digital camera (194 to be exact!), here is an example:

Also, as mentioned I have moved to Ubuntu Linux and am thoroughly enjoying it, however I sorely miss TortoiseSVN, the GUI SVN clients really look ugly and just don’t work all that great… I want to do my SVN stuff on right click, I commit frequently for Cerebral Cortex and need it to be quickly done.

To that end, I took it upon myself to write some Nautlius scripts + some Java GUI to do this for me. I only have the “Commit” semi-working, but its getting there. It works on single files (right click a file), file selections and folders.

Here are some screenshots of this major work in progress:

Right Click Menu

Commit File(s)
Commit Folder
Success Message. The window quits after this.

I hope to have this finished before too long, at least the basics.

– Davey