The Truth Behind OSI Hosting – Part V

This is the last and final piece of this 5 part trilogy, as far as I’m concerned, with this wonderful article from Robin Miller over at NewsForge.

I was contacted by Robin shortly before the deadline for Jason to pay came through and at my request he waited till the 31st before I spilled my guts out.

The second page of the article is a wonderful telephone conversation between Rob and Jason (during which I’m surprised his cell phone battery didn’t die, it must be getting 3,000,000 calls a day from customers seeing as its the only number available for OSI and he has all those customers… yeah. right.).

I wanted to respond specifically to this slanderous comment:

And I’m not saying that Davey and Amy aren’t great developers. I mean, the ideas are wonderful there. And the work that Amy did was just magnificent work. When Davey went to London, it really just kinda fell off. He said, “Oh, I’m working as hard as I can,” but I think even Amy and Travis agreed that he wasn’t, and we didn’t think he should have been working while he was over there. He should’ve just waited until he got back. And there were several times I said to myself, and Amy, myself and Travis that Davey kinda wasn’t holding up his end. They were both supposed to be co-leads and I think Davey even finally said, “Hey, I don’t want to be lead, I just can’t do as much as Amy can.”

This is simply not true. First I had flights to the UK booked months before I met Jason, 3 months in fact, they were booked before I left the UK – and I only had a 3 month I-94 visa waiver, at the time.

I slept no more than 4 hours in any given night for over a month, at your insistance, and yes, by the end of it, I was not working optimally. Furthermore, the fact that I put in any time whilst on vacation, on dialup no less, should show my dedication to the project. Thanks to you, my (then fiance, now) wife’s first trip to England, which she had been excited about for 3 months was ruined. You can’t pay someone any amount to make up for that.

That last line is totally bogus. Amy and I are both extremely talented, in different areas. My strong points are PHP and XHTML/CSS-P, basic DB stuff (though that has vastly improved since then!) and basic design. Amy on the other hand is best at Databases and Design, whilst being less strong in PHP and XHTML/CSS-P, and just as I have gained strength in my DB skills, since then I’ve seen her code skills flourish. I also know Amy really well, we’ve been through a lot because of you and I know she wouldn’t say anything negative about me, especially not to someone who is supposed to be our boss.

Finally, a quote from Amy:

Davey worked his ass off in adverse conditions, while on vacation with his fiancee, because he didn’t want to leave us hanging. He believed he had a job to do to and a paycheck to look forward to. Jason Macer is just an ungrateful, lying asshole.

I’m, sorry Jason, you’re pathetic. You haven’t a pot to piss in nor a window to throw it out of. Its this one thing that stops me from suing you. So please stop saying you have money or I will have to reconsider taking you to court.

– Davey