Speaking at php[tek] (Chicago, IL May 14th-17th)

I am very excited that I have been chosen to speak at php[tek] 2013 this May. I will be presenting two talks, the first is PHP 5.5: The New Bits that I updated from 5.4 for Sunshine PHP, and which was well received.

The second is something new for me, first I will be co-presenting, with the amazing Ligaya Turmelle, something that is altogether new to me, and additionally, it will be a talk on MySQL. Specifically, MySQL HA, Recovery and Load Balancing, which will cover a number of replication strategies, including covering the new Percona XtraDB Cluster, and discuss what they mean for you as a DBA (or devops, sysadmin) and as a developer (for your application).

The early bird ticket price is available till February 28th, so don’t delay, and hopefully I’ll see you there!