The Truth Behind OSI Hosting – Part IV

Welcome to Part 4 of this ongoing saga (Part 1, Part 2, Part 3).

I’ve had quite a bit of response to Part 3. Including one person who wished not to be named for fear of physical harm from Mr. Macer.

It seems that whilst Jasons parents claim ignorance on the matter of OSI Hosting, it was Jasons father who bailed him out on the charges of Fraud for using the Church credit card (see Part 3). By bailed out, I mean squared things up with the church and convinced them not to press charges.

At this point all I would really like to say is, I have collated enough *hard* evidence to (I believe) convict Mr. Macer of fraud and perhaps one or two other things. If you are currently working on a legal case against Mr. Macer, some of the evidence I have does not related directly to my case and may be of some use to you. I would be willing to testify against Mr. Macer though all travel costs will have to be paid for me if I have to go to Texas.

– Davey


If you could, please link to these blog entries as much as possible, I want to see them hit first result on google for both OSI Hosting and Jason Macer. Or at the least, one of the pages linking here to get there :)