The Truth Behind OSI Hosting – Part II

Well, as some of you may have noticed, Jason Macer replied to my last entry through a comment. I want to reply to that.

He also tried to call me, and he left a message with pretty much the same contents as the comment. I did not answer because I have decided that any further communications I have with Jason will be through this blog, as it is in the public domain. Its not evidence, but its more reliable that me saying I had a phone call.

Well Davey, it appears you also lied to me, and you also didn’t post the issues we had with Card Service International now did you?

The issues with CSI I believe are purely due to your own ineptitude when dealing with them. I don’t want to get into a “mud slinging” match however.

Who was it that kept on pushing back release dates? That was you and your “friend coders” who assured me that “it can be done in a weekend.” which turned in to over a month and a half of work. And at the end, what I stated would be live never fully existed.

I agree that we pushed the date back, but as I said already, you kept on adding things, remembering things you had meant to tell us, etc etc. It was through no fault of our own. Although the initial estimate was – I agree – wrong, and that was our fault.

Back to the CSI issue, they shut down our processing after I had to run checks through the payment engine, manually since it did not work on the site. A pitty that it was never working for checks, that would have consititued a working system.

Is this the $25 Million that you kept telling us you had already sold? If so, then I’m sure you can afford to pay our measly wages.

Also, you didn’t work non-stop durring your trip to England, you were waiting upon and waited upon, and you even stated things you would have done, but never accomplished and left for others.

I slept 4hrs a day and worked the rest of the time. I took three days off when I went to visit relatives who only had dialup and even then I still did some minor things.

And, NOTE TO EVERYONE, I have agreed to compensate you out of my pocket, however the “paperwork” that you and the others were to have drawn up for me to sign, which you stated would have given me liability have yet to “appear.” I have asked you time and time again for them and you keep saying “She’s” working on them, so Davey, where is this paperwork you were going to have me sign?

Jason, the employee should never have to write up his own contract to state that he will be payed for a full-time job. I’m sure everyone will agree that you asking us to do this, and stating that we would only be paid if we agreed to work for you for 6 more months is completely insane.

You have 2 days to get with me since I am now making this PUBLIC, as you so deemed it to have been needed. After two days, I will no longer be held liable, you have had since mid January to get me this paperwork. And, just to make sure, I will post this on the OSI blog as well, the entire store, including the fact that your “design” was never completed and it was actually you and a person to be unnamed who kept on asking for more time, you “just not quite there,” and days turned into weeks, weeks into months.

Jason Macer

Jason, I told you when we last spoke, you don’t get to make the demands anymore. You were wrong, and you fucked up. This isn’t about money anymore , this is about the truth. Though, I will say that if you do pay up, I will no longer consider you a total liar, and will gladly remove these entries from my blog.

I am not an evil person, but there are more things I wish to tell the people reading this blog, make up your own minds.


  • Promised healthcare. One member of the team’s wife was pregnant, and was rushed to E.R. one night without any medical insurance. That person paid out of his pocket for that. He (the husband) had never recieved the related papers which he (Jason) had promised would arrive prior to this incident.
  • Never put one months pay in an escrow account as per our contract
  • Wanted us to agree to work for 6 months after we told him we would be taking legal action, or he would not pay us.
  • Lied about $25M of sales he didn’t have
  • Lied about 16,000 clients he never had.
  • Never owned a single server of his own
  • Never forged a deal with IBM for blade servers
  • Never forged a deal with Apple for XServes
  • Lied about going to NYC to finalise $50M in investments to buy out Savvis

Now you tell me that he is not a liar, a fraud, a cheat and possibly delusional.

– Davey