The Truth Behind OSI Hosting – Part III

OK, a number of people have wonderered why Part 1 and Part 2 of this saga were removed.

Well, now that March 31st has passed, I am free to tell you. In fact, I’m now free to tell you anything I damn well like – let me explain.

On 3/3/2005, Jason Macer, Myself and the other 3 developers owed money by Jason Macer/OSI Hosting entered into a new contract. This time is was a “Payment and De-Publication” contract written by the lawyer of one of the other programmers.

It seems my first two blog entries on this subject pressed a number of buttons in Mr. Macer, enough that he was willing to sign said contract. The contract said that he was pay out a total of $43K between myself and the others within 28 days of signing (which ended on March 31st) and that I would take my blog entries down. The contract detailed that whilst we would no longer be bound by any contract we had with Jason Macer/OSI Hosting, we would still be constrained by the NDA (Non-Disclosure Agreement). Failure to do this would result in the re-publication of the blog entries and the complete dismissal of the NDA.

Well, Mr. Macer (not surprisingly) failed to come up with this amount of money and so here we are.

Jason Macer purports that OSI Hosting employs somewhere between 700 and 900 employes currently (depending on who he’s speaking to) and has some numerous thousand clients. He also claim|ed (on the phone to me) that Novell were investing in OSI Hosting. If this is the case, how come he cannot afford a mere $43K?

Let me tell you, OSI Hosting has 1 employee and that is Jason Macer himself. He also has no clients as he has no servers to sell. He never finalised a deal to actually purchase Blade Servers, XServes or anything else from IBM or Apple.

Jason Macer owns (at most) 2 servers at EV1Servers (formerly known as Rackshack).

Jason Macer owns no property, half of the OSI Hosting expenses to date have been charged on his Church’s credit card (so another member tells me, and he mentioned this himself at one point). With or without consent I don’t know.

I would dearly like to extend my apologies to the people of Texarkana for not letting this all come to light in a somewhat more timely fashion, but I (unlike certain people) stick to my contracts. Whilst I had entertained the thought of giving up the remote possiblity that he would pay to save so many people some heartache, it became clear that nothing was going to happen before March 31st and I did not want to give Mr. Macer any reason to not fulfill his part.

I would like to also thank Steve Oglesby (I hope I spelled that correctly, he has removed his name from his blog with a design/software change) for his numerous posts on this subject, especially this one which has a download of the Radio interview. You were able to get the word out before I was, and for doing so, I am greatful.

– Davey


Be aware that whilst I portray all of these items as facts, they are pieced together from my 2 months of continuous speaking with Jason himself as well as e-mails from a number of people involved in this. Additionally, I have done some sleuthing of my own through various contacts and have been able to ascertain the above with a high degree of certainty. Regardless, all of the above should be taken as opinion simply due to the hearsay nature of parts of it.