Crtx_PEAR_Channel_Frontend Released!

I have now released Crtx_PEAR_Channel_Frontend 0.1.1. This is the first public release of anything bearing the “Crtx” name except for example code in my “Automatic Web Services with PHP 5” article in the January 2005 issue of International PHP Magazine.

Note: This release addresses the issue of RSS feeds not containing dates.

To install do the following:

$ pear channel-discover
$ pear install --alldeps crtx/Crtx_PEAR_Channel_Frontend

Then you need to create a file like this:

require_once 'Crtx/PEAR/Channel/Frontend.php';
$frontend = new Crtx_PEAR_Channel_Frontend(
'database' => 'mysql://USER:PASSWORD@HOSTNAME/DBNAME',
'index' => 'index.php',
'admin' => 'crtx.php'));

Cerebral Cortex Test Channel


if (!$frontend->run()) {


Note: You will need to either create your own CSS (my suggestion if you want it to integrate with your site) or you can just change href="pear_frontend.css" to href="pear_server.css" in the HTML above.

I am planning on writing a post-install script which can be run with pear run-scripts but I just don’t have the time/knowledge right this second.

– Davey


The issue earlier was the user Vs system configuration file, so nothing wrong with either this package or PEAR_Server