Moving to the Cloud

After lots of thinking, I’ve decided that I’m going to move all my sites to Mosso cloud hosting.

Frankly, it’s just too much work to maintain my own systems, and Mosso is $30/month cheaper than my dedicated server. In addition, as things grow for me, I think Mosso will prove to be a much more scalable proposition; including being able to have them handle support and billing of my clients.

I moved the ZCE Guide site over there last night and it was just so easy, I figured, what the hell may as well do the big move and push over my blog.

I was able to use the mysql command line client to push a SQL dump directly from my current server to Mosso’s server(s) and after a lengthy (30+MB) upload and a config tweak, it just worked. Very impressed with Mosso so far :-)

Just need to find a way to combine all my mailboxes into one. It looks like forwarding might be the best option.

If you’re seeing this post, then your DNS already updated and you’re looking at the new site, yay for you!

– Davey