PHP Streams Book (Coming soon!)

For about 6 months now, I’ve been itching to write a book on the PHP Streams Layer – one of my favorite features of PHP; and also one of the least known considering it’s powerful abilities.

However, I’ve been hampered by the fact that I didn’t think it would make that good a book, in that it would be rather short. That was, until about a month ago I sat down and actually wrote out my table of contents… at which point I realized it would make a great book.

So, it is with great delight, that I can announce php|architect’s Definitive Guide to PHP Streams (tentative title still), for which I have signed up with php|architect (obviously) again to write and publish.

My goal with this book is to create, just as the title suggests, the definitive resource on working with the PHP streams layer.

The book is slated for publication in Q3 2008, so keep an eye out for it :-)

– Davey