Looking Back and Looking Forward

Looking Back

Well, this year started off slowly for me, with me not really getting back the groove till May. And as it turned out, $50 wasn’t enough to make Andi & Zeev approve my talks (How much do I need to give for next year? :), and php|works was in Atlanta which I was unable to attend.

However, I did make it to php|tek, and it was, for me, the highlight of my year; setting me up for a much more enjoyable rest of the year – thanks to all the great people who made that a memorable event, and I will be at php|tek 08, even though I am not speaking.

In June I started looking into GTD, and I bought David Allens GTD book, however I haven’t apparently read enough to put it to work yet as I haven’t gotten to finishing the damn book yet. :-P

June also saw my first PHP Abstract podcast on Planning Programming Projects

Then on June 29th we saw both the 4 year anniversary of the first PHP 5 beta, and the release of the iPhone (couldn’t live without it – of course it’s jailbroken :-D)

All I did in July, was switch to Linkinus IRC Client which I am still happily using :-)

Oh, and I secretly started working on a new project…

August is where things really kicked off, with the initial tease for GetFoc.us and my first screencast, again for PHP Abstract, on PHP and AJAX end-to-end debugging.

September saw my third PHP Abstract appearance, with my API rant. A mention about how cool PHP Streams are, a brief muse on the reasons Pownce used Python when the team knows PHP works from Digg.

October started with me wondering wtf happened to the International PHP Magazine?, the release of OS X Leopard, a look at what makes people tick besides PHP and my second book release.

In November, we saw my fourth PHP Abstract podcast, Debugging PHP with xdebug and Komodo. Other than that, Thanksgiving meant a short hiatus.

That then brings us to December. We started off looking at the problems with GTD. Then I got to share some cool stuff for the PHP Advent Calendar, had a run in with MySQL and Unicode conversion and the original (another 8227 bytes)