PHP Advent Calendar

PHP’s very own Security Savant Chris Shiflett decided to steal borrow an idea from the Perl community. I really haven’t seen much of the Perl community beyond CPAN (ick), and so it surprises me that this idea came from that direction.

Anyhow, the idea is an Advent Calendar. Just like the ones with chocolate in them, but instead of sweet candy, you get sexy geeks bearing tips, tricks and hacks instead – good idea huh?! (Note: The sexy geeks are only for the PHP one, everybody knows we’re waaaay hotter than the perl mongers)

After some technical difficulties (still didn’t receive the e-mail Chris), I was invited to participate in the PHP Advent Calendar (thanks for your help Elizabeth Smith) and contributed todays thoughts, on API, UI and other such bastard children of web development.

So, head on over to see the PHP Advent Calendar Day 6 and ogle my hotness.

– Davey