Revamping My Workstyle

For a while now, I’ve been feeling as though my scatterbrained, disorganized approach to work is hampering my ability to be as productive as I need to be to accomplish everything I need to do.

I have till now enjoyed my work approach, and whilst it was fine in times past when I had time to work that way, now that I have so much work piling on, it really doesn’t work anymore, and things are getting left undone.

So, I’ve started reading David Allens “Gettings Things Done”. So far, it hasn’t really given me much “meat”, it seems as though the first 30-odd pages (I’m guessing that how much I’ve read) are about justifications for the GTD system, rather than about the GTD system itself.

However, i won’t judge the book till I’m done, and can actually give my opinions on the GTD system.

Part of my frustration with GTD, is it seems like some secret black arts society whereby people who have gone through David Allens book are unwilling to share the crux of it with the rest of the world – rather, referring you to his book. So, I’m hoping that I can share some of this with you guys as well as on applying it to the ecosystems in which I, and we, work.

These are:

  • Open Source (Specifically, PHP) Projects, as a manager and contributor
  • Consulting
  • Other Projects

So, look out for those.

Also, if anyone has any thoughts on using the GTD system collaboratively, specifically using software like trac, I would love to hear them :-)

– Davey

. o O ( Maybe GTD will make its way into my next project planning talk? )