Getting back in the Groove

I seem to have dropped the ball with recent events, but I’m starting to get back into the swing of things.

As so many have done in recent weeks, my calendar for the year is as follows (Admittedly, not jam packed)

  • May 15th – May 19th I will be in Chicago for php|tek presenting “Everything but the Code”
  • September (sometime), I will be at php|arch’s Fall conference (which has been in Toronto till now, so I assume it is this year)
  • October 8th – October 11th I will be California for ZendCon 07 *slips Andi and Zeev $50 to approve his talks*

For obvious reasons I will be attending solo this year, and I look forward to seeing everybody in the bar!

I’m also participating in 2 other projects which are under wraps for now, one is really really exciting for me, the other is just plain cool :-D

So, start watching this space, I won’t tap dance, but I should be back to my usual controversial self soon enough ;-)

– Davey