A Year in Review

The yearly look back is now a tradition in the PHP community, I decided this year to lead the pack instead of just hopping on the bandwagon. Of course, it’s not official until Derick provides his excellent look back on internals :-)

This year has been a real rollercoaster for me, I started off the year off the back of dumping my framework – Cerebral Cortex – and after a brief e-mail discussion with Andi, I was let into the world of the Zend Framework.

Next, we learned about the first 1000 Zend Certified Engineers, of which I am proudly one. I also released the latest (still) version of Tooltip.js.

February saw me attending my first PUG meeting; unfortunately that went nowhere. I also purchased the awesome Canon S2 IS digital camera. I also learned that I would be giving my first ever talks at php|tek, on PEAR Channels/PHP_Archive (PHAR) and Migrating to PHP 5.1.

In March, we saw the first fruits of my labor for the Zend Framework, which some rather interesting Flickr experiments. This month also saw me experimenting with my camera some more. I also brought up the subject of community rot…

Next up, in April, we saw my premier at php|tek. Other than that, it was a quiet month.

May, my birthday month (May 31st, gifts welcome!) saw many changes for me, I passed my driving test (first time) and also made the best decision ever by convincing Susan to buy me a MacBook Pro. I also released my first (and so far only) cheat sheet.

In June/July, I started writing my first book, and went AWOL for a while. I did however go swimming with Dolphins for Susans birthday – amazing.

August saw the initial introduction of what was to become a huge Web Services movement for the Zend Framework.

September was a rollercoaster month, starting with my earning the ZCE5 as well as the first examples of Zend_Rest_Client. Unfortunately, we ended the month with the original (another 3733 bytes)