Sneak Peek: Zend_Service_Server – name and framework subject to change

OK, so I spent this weekend in a coding frenzy, the outcome of this, can be summed up with the following small snippet of code:

require_once 'Zend/Service/Server.php';

$server = new Zend_Service_Server('testClass.php');


This is just the typical public facing API, of course there is much more to this. I’m waiting to hear some feedback from specific people before I either contribute it to the Zend Framework or release it elsewhere (PEAR? Crtx?). Teased enough? :-D

– Davey

Yes, this marks my return to blogging, so tell your friends & co-workers! (and I took down the ads in case anyone noticed. They blew. So I’m just saying that because I’m narcissistic, as opposed to a money grabbing freak.)