php|tek Day 2

Well, today I gave my second talk, “Migration to PHP 5.1”.

I felt this talk went a lot smoother. I had no technical screwups, I got some good questions and talked with a couple of people after the talk on some further subjects.

I have uploaded both sets of slides;

Future Deployment of PHP Applications

Migrating to PHP 5.1

I will try to put up some other formats soon, but these should open fine in OOo2 (perhaps 1.3) and of course Microsofts Powerpoint Viewer (free download, google it :-)

Furthermore, I have uploaded more photos to my php|tek Flickr stream

Finally, I attended the Frameworks Panel Discussion which went really well. Marcus did a great job, and the answers were very informative and sometimes very funny. I think the main thing that I came away with from the panel (and obviously I am somewhat biased :-) is that everybody (at least the general concensus) is that any PHP framework cannot force you to conform to thier way of thinking. Allowing easy integration with existing code and your existing code library – or even other frameworks – is something that is needed.

– Davey