Damn those 1MB DBs (or: The Modernizr bug)

At some point, apparently I set my Safari preferences to always ask me before allowing sites to create HTML 5 DB. I’m not sure why I would do this, but apparently I did. And this was fine.

Until everyone started using Modernizr.

Within the space of just a few days, I kept seeing notices like this:

or this:

or this:

A little research (grep for “html5 test db” in Firebug) and it became clear that the culprit was Modernizr trying to test for HTML 5 Database support.

After alerting the first website about the issue, I did some more research, and found this commit to Modernizr on GitHub — thank you open source, not only can I see it’s fixed, I see why it was fixed, when it was fixed, and what the fix was.

So, please, if you’re using Modernizr, either apply the patch, or, as requested by the author, upgrade to Modernizr 1.6.

– Davey