php|tek Day 1

I gave my “Future Deployment of PHP Applications” talk today. Unfortunately, I had quite a few technical issues with the internet and such, meaning I had to scrabble around to get the end result working – but, I did manage it, though a little sloppily; still, it was my first time and I’m looking forward to tomorrow with gusto.

My talk tomorrow is on “Migration to PHP 5.1” and due to having no “live” examples, should go without a hitch. :-)

Other than preparing for my own talk, and taking the afternoon off to get over it, I haven’t attended much. I got some good feedback on my talk – and I promised to post my slides and links, so I will do that shortly :-)

To everybody that attended, thank you.

I did video the talk, but have a break in the continuity of about 5 or so minutes, so I’m going to see what I can do about filling in that blank and producing a Flash movie with the video and slides in sync – it could be a while :-D

– Davey