Join the Thinktank

Following on at somewhat of a right-angle from my last post, I’ve been thinking.

It seems to me, that perhaps my major beef with ##php is that it doesn’t promote the discussions I want, partly because it is aiming to be a help channel. Now, I really love helping people, but it’s nice to get something back once in a while.

So, I’ve decided to start a spin-off channel, one that does promote the things I want to talk about – and hopefully others do to.

Join #php.thinktank on and lets talk about things. What things? Well, I don’t want to limit the conversations except by one factor:

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Topics we want to promote:

1) Design Patterns
2) New concepts
3) Working with bleeding edge PHP technology (i.e. new PECL extensions, PHP 6 Unicode stuff)
4) Working with the latest ascessorial technologies and tools (i.e. MySQL stored procedures, AJAX etc)
5) Doing new things and Doing old things new ways

These are just a few things I can think of off the top of my head. I also want to see plenty of off-topic discussions and camaraderie, I think it helps peoples brains gel with one another, and so long as it doesn’t interfere with an on-topic disucssion/debate in a detrimental way, great :-)

So come join us! (yes, it’s already an us and there have already been a couple of cool disucssions :-)

– Davey