Zend Framework and Flickr

As you most likely know, I have been working with Zend on the Zend Framework for a couple of months now.

The bulk on my tasks there have been working on the Zend_Service* set of classes. This includes the Amazon, Flickr and Yahoo! APIs.

So, as I’m getting more and more into flickr (see http://flickr.com/dshafik for my photo stream) I have been exploring and I saw a very neat set of images which were composites of 50 random flickr images for a given tag.

Well, I liked this enough, I decided that I could do it on-the-fly using PHP, ImageMagick and of course… the Zend Framework.

So, if you could turn your attention to the Flickr Compositor demo and have some fun.

An example image for “Hello” looks like this:

Or, perhaps a little more fun, “Nude” (thanks to Chris Shiflett for pointing this tag out, I’ve had lots of pretty results):

Finally, what everybody wants to see: The Flickr Compositor Source

– Davey