A Year in Retrospect

Just like Last Year I’m jumping on the bandwagon again.

Despite the fact that it is hard to top some of the feats I managed last year (I for one, am not planning to marry anybody else!) it has been a very productive and exciting year for me.

This year, I got my Work Visa in just 9 days, and because of this blog, I was notified about a job being offered locally. My card arrived on a Saturday, by Tuesday I had my first interview, Thursday my second and I started work the following Monday. I am still happily employed. To everyone involved there, thanks so much for providing such interesting challenges for me to meet on a daily basis.

February began my first and thankfully, second look into PDO, my move to Serendipity and I spent most of my time settling in my new job.

With March came the first stable release of PHP_CompatInfo and the first release of Crtx_PEAR_Channel_Frontend.

April had its share of fun with the Jason Macer/OSI Hosting debacle coming to light.

May is my Birthday month, and it was my time to move to the darkside and try out Ubuntu Linux (which I am still using) and finally, PHAR/PHP_Archive came to the public eye.

With June also came the little cries of a new kitten, In July, we finally saw some public releases of Cerebral Cortex. I had my first interview in August, for the Pro PHP Podcast

September had myself and my wife travelling to and back from Toronto for php|works, my first conference where I had a great time. I also attained my Zend Certifications.

October was somewhat more quite, we added 2 more kittens to our household (with the loss of two of our cats, this left us with a t

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