All for naught…

Well, it had to come, so here it is, without further delay, hindrance or obstructions. I’m no longer going to be working on Cerebral Cortex.

There are several reasons for this, I will go into them now:

1) Zend Framework
First and foremost, the announcement of the Zend Framework has led me to re-assess many things. With my lack of time it seems very stupid to develop a framework that whilst it may technically compete with the Zend Framework, will never have the same “Enterprise” support behind it – I can’t win.

2) Lack of Community
I may have spent almost 2 years on getting Cerebral Cortex to a point where I was happy to release it; however I can’t finish this herculean task on my own. There has been very little suggestions to Cerebral Cortex (and to those who are in #crtx on Freenode, I thank you very much) and even less code input. Add to this the fact that nobody seems to be using it except those few who gave input, it just doesn’t seem worth it.

What Next?

Well I won’t be removing Cerebral Cortex from the web, mostly because I have nothing else to do with the domain ;-)

In some ways I do feel that I wasted a lot of time in Cerebral Cortex, and that alone has kept me wanting to do something with it, but in actual fact, the amount of learning I have accomplished whilst developing it – PDO, Advanced SQL, Advanced OO, Web Services, etc etc etc has been phenominal, and that alone has been worth it.

I would dearly love to be invited to work on the Zend Framework (as an community contributor) and I feel that my experience with Cerebral Cortex would be a great asset to the framework, as it too strived for the extreme simplicity that Zend is trying so hard to achieve – so Zend people, if you’re listening, feel free to contact me :-)

– Davey