Tooltip.js 0.3 Released!

After about 2 weeks of playing and a few hours of serious coding, I have finally gotten this project ready for public consumption.

From the site:

Tooltip.js is the next generation in Tooltips; using the Web 2.0 approach of doing a simple thing, and doing it well.

This is a very simple tool, written using a similar style of code to the Prototype framework and Scriptaculous effects, I think its a best of breed for the small thing that it does.

The goal of Tooltip.js is to not interfere with your markup (requiring onclick events etc) and to make it as simple as possible to use. It will never grow beyond doing what it does, because the idea is to make it simple and effective – nothing more.

For more information, demos and to grab the code, visit the Tooltip.js Website.

Additionally, there is one known bug and several things I want to take care of before I’m done.

The bug is that if you use an event only for hide or show, it will toggle. Its something simple to fix, I will probably do so tomorrow

The additions I still want to make, are listed in the JS file, but I will also list them here:

  • Add ability to have popup track mouse around
  • Fix accessibility, make it possible to tab in/out of tooltips, and look into CSS Voice stuff
  • Add ability to change the events *per* Tooltip

– Davey