Review: Essential PHP Security by Chris Shiflett

I was fortunate enough to receive a copy of Chris Shifletts book, Essential PHP Security published by O’Reilly.

This book is a minute 108 pages long, and whilst I was expecting that, I was still surprised at how small this book really is. This book will almost fit in your pocket, and will definitely fit in one of those “not quite big enough for anything” pockets in your laptop bag.

Chris does an excellent job dissecting and explaining each of the 8 major security topics he covers in his book, first outlines what exactly the problem is, how easily it is to fall into the trap of making your code vulnerable to it, and how it is generally exploited. He then goes on to tell you how you can be sure that you are not vulnerable in the future.

I definitely believe this book lives up to its name, it really is the Essential security that you must always be aware of when writing applications in PHP or any technology that interacts with Databases or the Web. If you only ever buy one security related book, be sure this is it – it’ll take you no time at all to read, and is small enough to tote around wherever you go.

This book will definitely be a long term desktop reference for me, and mandatory reading for all the PHP developers in my work place.

Chris Shiflett has definitely created a masterpiece that I personally believe only he is capable of, his experience and precise, easy to read manner of writing are unparalled when it comes to PHP Security.

You should definately go out and buy Essential PHP Security today.

– Davey