Where’s the Wirelessness?

Why, with the wireless revolution, has nobody come up with a wireless headset and microphone *specifically* for PCs? (as in, one unit)

I have 6 cats, they like to play with cords. I’ve lost one cell phone headset and 1 computer headset in the last 2 months from their fiddling.

I can find plenty of wireless headphones, those are easy (though they’re generally Infra Red or RF), but I cannot find this.

Does anybody know if I can just buy a bluetooth USB adapter and a cell phone headset? Or do you know of a wireless headset made for PCs? For under US$70?

Also, I’m using Linux, but I do dual boot to windows quite often these days (WoW? owns my soul) so the ability to work on both would be great.

– Davey