Crtx_PEAR_Channel_Frontend Released and new design!

I have finally released Crtx_PEAR_Channel_Frontend 0.3.0.

This is a major release, the release are as follows:

  • Now uses Chiara_PEAR_Server
  • Fixed E-Mail maintainer form to include “From” field
  • Support parent and sub-packages
  • Support Default channel properly
  • No longer display RSS feed link when package has no releases
  • Maintainer links now correctly go to ?user
  • removed some debug code
  • fixed latest version code
  • don’t show a link if maintainer hasn’t one
  • use an H2 for E-Mail Maintainer header instead of QuickForm? title elements
  • Added 2 PEAR FAQs
  • set Content-Type for the RSS feed to text/xml
  • added getMenu() method, so you can customize your frontend more
  • updated showMenu() method to use getMenu()
  • Add the rdf namespace to the about attribute. Bug reported by Clay

Furthermore, the Cerebral Cortex Channel has had a makeover, using the same design as the rest of the sites in the * domain.

Please update to Chiara_PEAR_Server 0.18.2 and upgrade Crtx_PEAR_Channel_Frontend as soon as possible!

– Davey